high spirits
Daisy Gumm Majesty, spiritualist to folks with more money than sense, can scarcely believe that her best client wants her to get her spiritual control, Rolly, to appear at a sťance in a speakeasy. Bad enough that Daisy made up Rolly when she was ten, but now Rolly has to perform at for a bunch of murdering gangsters?
When the place is raided, Daisy’s troubles multiply.
Add to the mix Daisy’s nemesis (and her husband’s best friend) Detective Sam Rotondo; Vicenzo Maggiori, leader of the bootlegging racket in the area; and Flossie Mosser, befuddled floozy; and you have a rollicking adventure that Daisy isn’t sure she’s going to survive.
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Alice Duncan is one of the finest authors in the business today, and her alter ego, Daisy, is one of the best heroines.    In High Spirits, Daisy’s husband, Billy, an invalid from WWI is becoming more reliant on narcotics for his pain, which causes both Daisy and the reader heartbreaking concern. Sam Rotondo is still coming by often to play cards with Billy, and is a true friend. Other familiar faces are present and accounted for, adding to the enjoyment of this story. Hopefully, Daisy’s next adventure will be coming out soon.

Betty Cox, Reader to Reader

Alice Duncan deftly sweeps us back to 1921 with a fascinating story populated with a cast of characters reminiscent of many family trees--skeletons and all. Readers will either want to invite these delightful but quirky characters home for Sunday dinner, or lock them in an asylum to protect the family name!

Deb Stover, Award-Winning Author

Alice's characters quickly become friends, and you're rooting with them to the end.  All I can say is when's the next book out? Someone ought to make this book a movie!

Regina Scott, best-selling author