Set primarily in Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood of cavernous streets and arty venues, APHRODISIAC is the first book in a humor-laced romantic suspense series featuring sex therapist, Dr. Saylor Oz.
Tiny and warmhearted, Saylor bore the horrendous high school nickname, The Munchkin. Thanks to her headstrong nature and intuitive hunches along with her lifelong disdain for bullies, the hip Brooklyn sex doc keeps winding up in all kinds of dangerous situations.
In APHRODISIAC she pursues her misgivings about the suicide of Gwendolyn Applebee, a brilliant archaeobotanist and perfume-maker, who’d been her childhood pal. When Saylor discovers that Gwendolyn was murdered for an ancient olfactory secret that could topple the balance of power between men and women -- and that the secret which eluded the murderer is now supposedly in Saylor’s keeping -- she and her roommate, tough talking female boxer, Benita Morales, are swept into a deadly seven-day race to find it . . . while  staying one step ahead of a ruthless killer.
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Saylor Oz is a sex therapist. One of her close friends from college, Gwen Applebee, is found murdered. Saylor knows something is up because Gwen was wearing a fanny pack. Gwen wouldn't have been caught dead wearing

Plus Saylor realizes there is a coded message in Gwen's suicide note. She must work at decoding it to find the killer.

Saylor is abducted and must find the formula they want or her family and roommate, Benita, will be killed. Can she and Benita figure out who the killer is without putting themselves in further danger?

I really enjoyed this book. Saylor and Benita were fun characters. The author did a great job of plotting the mystery so that the reader doesn't figure out who done it before the protagonist does.

I hope there will be more books with Saylor. I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle