Murder Stalks A Mansion is a puzzling country house mystery set amid the Gilded Age mansions of Newport's famous Bellevue Avenue. Complete with a house full of suspects, red herrings and baffling clues, the story has a surprise ending which will please avid mystery fans.
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The Hargreaves have come to Kenwood Court Inn in Newport, Rhode Island, to celebrate Lionel and Emily’s anniversary.  Very quickly Caroline Kent, proprietor of Kenwood Court, realizes that there is a lot of bad blood between Lionel and his brother Maurice.  It appears Maurice doesn’t get along with many in the family.  Then Maurice ends up shot in the gazebo.

Caroline begins to look into things to help Lt. Hank Nightengale solve the murder.  Her mother-in-law Mrs. Kent who lives with her assists.  Their cook Mattie does not approve.  

Since the Hargreaves have just arrived, they are pretty sure it had to be one of the family members who came for the weekend.  Or it could be the company attorney Mark.  Everyone seems to have an alibi but also to have a motive for the murder.  As Lt. Nightengale and Caroline both get close to figuring out the murder, there’s another murder.  Now more than ever Caroline is determined to get to the bottom of things.

When her husband died in a car crash, Caroline decided to turn the family home into an Inn.  She is concerned that the publicity of these deaths will close the Inn down.  To keep that from happening, she turns up the heat and works diligently to find the killer, without putting herself or Mrs. Kent in too much danger.

I love the Newport setting.  We stopped in Newport for lunch on our way through New England.  It has always held a place in my heart.  I hope to go back.  Kenwood Court sounds like a terrific type place to stay.

This book is so rich with information about the area and the mansions.  I loved all the descriptions.  You can tell the author knows the area well.  It made me want to return even more!

I like Caroline and the relationship she has with her mother-in-law.  I am hoping for a romantic interest to blossom in this series.

This is the first in what I hope to be a long-running series!  I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle