As owner of Maid for a Day, Charlotte LaRue is cleaning up New Orleans house by house. When it comes to hired help, she’s the best there is, especially if murder runs in the family...

Though she’s short two employees, Charlotte answers a desperate plea the weekend before Mardi Gras. A woman named Emily Rossi is hosting a huge bash for out-of-town guests, and just lost her maid to a family emergency. It seems an acquaintance of hers from the society set highly recommended Charlotte’s services—so she makes Charlotte an offer she can’t refuse…

And Charlotte soon learns why. Emily’s husband, Robert, just happens to be the most ruthless crime boss in the country. The number-one suspect in the murder of his own father, he’s taken over the reins of the “family business.”

As usual, Charlotte keeps her nose to the grindstone—but that doesn’t stop her from seeing the dysfunctional Rossi clan in all its glory. Robert’s mother is seemingly senile, his daughter hates him, he quarrels with his brothers, and Charlotte suspects him of abusing his wife. She also gets a front-row seat to an explosive display of Robert’s hair-trigger temper when he finds some of his priceless Faberge eggs missing.

Nevertheless, Charlotte agrees to help at the costume ball when one of the servers comes down with the flu. She’s beginning to think that the party is a cover for Robert’s illegal activities, when the man himself is found dead in the library. And there’s Emily, standing over her husband with a bloody knife in her hand.

The case seems cut-and-dried—to anyone but Charlotte, that is. Although Emily looks guilty as sin, Charlotte has seen enough of the Rossi family’s dirty laundry to suspect everyone. And the Faberge eggs continue to disappear. If there’s a crack in the killer’s plan, Charlotte will find it, because she won’t stand for anything—least of all, murder—being swept under the rug. But she’d better tread carefully if she doesn’t want to spend Fat Tuesday in the bayou, sleeping with the catfish…
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Charlotte never expected to be cleaning house for the mafia. But, that’s exactly what she’s doing in this book.

Emily Rossi called and asked her to help out in an emergency. Her maid had been called out of town on a family emergency, and they had a big Mardi Gras party that week. Charlotte agrees to clean for a few days as the money is very good. When she realizes Emily’s husband, Robert, is a top Mafia boss, she considers backing out. She doesn’t. Then Robert ends up stabbed to death in his study during the party.

Charlotte agrees to continue to clean the house to help out the family. Mostly because she promised Bitsy, another of her clients, that she would help clear Emily. Emily is currently in jail for her husband’s murder. Charlotte does not believe she killed him. But then, who did?

Charlotte is able to do some snooping while cleaning. She is able to overhear some things and talk to people. With knowledge the police haven’t gotten, she pushes harder and harder to find the truth. But, will the truth put her in danger?

I love this series. Charlotte is such a fun character. She has a good life and a wonderful family. Even though she is investigating a murder, it is an enjoyable read. It always makes me want to go to New Orleans in reading her books. I wonder what the next one will be like after Katrina has hit.

I highly recommend this book and the whole series.

Dawn Dowdle

What fun to read another installment in the Charlotte LaRue saga. For those who do not know Charlotte, she is the owner of "Maid for a Day." She and her staff clean homes in New Orleans.

Charlotte cleans for a new client, Emily, and is in for a big surprise. Emily's husband is a big time crime boss. Imagine all the excitement this creates in Charlotte's life. Then there is murder. This cleaning lady involves herself so she can find some answers.

The story line, characters and humor are entertaining and charming. This is also true in Ms. Colley's four preceding books. I like Charlotte and all the returning characters.

Rita Ratacheck