the olive horseshoe
Billionaire Denton Wright is kayaking in the wilderness when his father’s mutilated body washes up on the Spanish coast. Denton’s father and another man were slaughtered in a drug cartel’s signature way: The Columbian Necktie. The father-son relationship had figured large in Denton's wilderness trek.  Now he burns with a passion: payback against whoever butchered the father he never really knew. It would not be easy. There was:
Beautiful but calculating Jenna Rogers in California, whose father was murdered alongside Denton's, and she had plans of her own
Carlos La Jolla, Jenna’s companion, a hot-blooded Latin with a sculpted body and black belt training, whose eyes give away nothing except a challenge to fight
Joe Corsano, in business with Denton's father, working some devious gambit of his own
Denton Wright must navigate all of it as he’s drawn into an intrigue of evil on a global scale.  When he learns of The Olive Horseshoe, innocent and guilty alike start to die... A fast, tough book about a man on a soul search for meaning in his life--and the violent brutal events that test him...
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A crackling good mystery by a writer who knows his stuff!

Shane Gericke , National bestselling author

The Olive Horseshoe
rocks. Ben F. Small has written a truly unique thriller with compelling characters, exotic locales and unexpected plot twists. Combine those things with finely tuned suspense that builds with every turn of the page and you’ve got a formula for one white knuckle read. Clear your calendar for the next few days because you won’t want to do anything other than get to the final page of The Olive Horseshoe.

Jeff Shelby, author of Killer Swell and Wicked Break

Fast and hard, with terrific characters and gripping suspense. The Olive Horseshoe. I couldn’t put it down.

Vince Flynn, New York Times #1 Best Selling Author