Forensic Anthropologist Lindsay Chamberlain is attacked in a seemingly random event and left for dead, buried in a shallow grave in the woods. She survives the experience, but it leaves her with amnesia. Before she can recover, strangers try unsuccessfully to claim her from the hospital.

When her memory returns, it's incomplete. Lindsay's way of trying to deal with the trauma is to ignore it and let the authorities handle the investigation. They quickly come to a dead end and the event looms like a dark cloud over her peace of mind.

Lindsay goes to work at an historic farm site (c1830) on the edge of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The site is being excavated by a private contract archaeology firm, and unlike the previous digs where Lindsay has worked, this site is not a happy one. The crew are on edge and argue among themselves. The site director takes an instant dislike to her. The principal investigator is under suspicion of murdering a local resident and stealing
valuable papers from her. If that weren't enough, she and the crew are lodging in a haunted house. Lindsay, the only one among them who doesn't believe in ghosts, is the only one seeing them.

The excitement over the discovery of very old sealed lead coffins and the possibility of extracting air from the 1700s puts all her anxieties on the back burner. However, inside one of the coffins are disturbing remains of a woman who has something frighteningly in common with Lindsay. When one of the crew disappears, no one but Lindsay is worried or seems to care. If Lindsay doesn't figure out what's going on, she might lose her sanity, or worse--her life.

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Lindsay Chamberlain, forensic anthropologist, is buried alive in a shallow grave in East Tennessee in the woods.  She manages to escape, but she suffers from amnesia.  Even when her memory returns, it is not complete.

She joins an excavation at an 1830s farm site.  It is located on the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee.  She loves the Smokies, but her recent assault is always on her mind causing her to have trouble concentrating and relaxing. 

Claire Burke, the site director, causes tension among the crew.  She is also very hostile to Lindsay.  Drew Van Horne, the principal investigator, is suspected of murdering Mary Susan Tidwell and stealing valuable documents from her.

Lindsay's boss, Lewis, asks her to look into the allegations against Drew.  Lindsay is uncomfortable with this, but finally agrees.

Two sealed lead coffins from the 1700s are discovered during the excavation.  The dig becomes a big find.  When they open the first coffin, they find the remains of a woman who appears to have something in common with Lindsay.  One of the crew goes missing.  Now Lindsay feels to regain her sanity, and possibly her life, she must solve this mystery.

I am not a history buff, but I truly love this series.  I find the locations to be interesting.  I always learn something new.  Ms. Connor describes the archaeology in a way that I can understand and it has so much reality to it.  Her characters are very believable, and the interaction between them is also very realistic.

I always enjoy reading this series.  Lindsay is a very likeable character and I enjoy finding out what she is up to in each book.

I highly recommend this book and this series.  Whether you like history or not, you will find this to be an enjoyable read.

Dawn Dowdle