Diane Fallon's crime scene unit is facing one of its worst ever cases: an explosion in a converted house has claimed many lives--from the students attending a party in one of the upstairs apartments to the junkies running a meth lab in the basement. Diane and her team will be sifting the evidence for days, searching the scene for any slight clue to the identities of the unrecognizable bodies. The incident has a devastating impact on the local community--with most people knowing at least one of the victims. One of the party survivors was even a member of Diane's staff--lucky enough to escape with her life. Diane is determined to discover the root cause of the explosion. But, she must do so while avoiding the frenzy of media interest, local government officials keen to assign blame and the political machinations of a chief fire inspector who will stop at nothing to get Diane's job.
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Fallon is awakened in the wee hours of the morning by an explosion in the neighborhood. Soon there is an evacuation. As she’s trying to leave, an injured and half-crazed youth tries to carjack her. Due to her quick thinking, she gets him immobilized in her car and escapes.

Turns out the explosion was a meth lab in the basement of an apartment building where many of the University students lived. Plus there was a party going on in one of the apartments during the blast. Dr. Fallon and her crime scene investigators begin trying to identify the victims and determine who was responsible.

Other murders begin happening that appear to be connected in some way. Her people are stretched thin trying to keep up with the various cases. Plus the fire investigator gets in their way many times and compromises some of the evidence.

In the meantime, one of Dr. Fallon’s museum employees, Juliet, is having anxiety attacks related to an event in her past. Diane is asked to look into it, and soon finds herself in the middle of danger.

I love how this author intertwines multiple cases and storylines. You know they’ll all come together in the end. It made it really hard for me to put down this book wanting to see how everything related.

I love Diane and both her museum staff and her crime scene staff. The author has created a great cast of characters for this series.

I like the fact that she manages both as I get a glimpse into both areas. It gives the series a lot of diversity and keeps it fresh.

I look forward to reading the next in the series. Hope it isn’t too long before it is published! I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle