the night killer
Forensic investigator Diane Fallon fights for her life in her eighth mystery.
Diane is driving through a downpour on a windy mountain road after picking up a set of rare Indian artifacts when a tree suddenly slams across the hood of her car, revealing a human skeleton in its hollow trunk. As she starts to investigate, she's ambushed by a stranger and forced to run for her life. Stranded in the night with a killer, Diane must uncover a secret hidden away by time and distance-or she may not live to see another morning...
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This series is probably my favorite series to read now.  The action starts on page one but it isn't too graphic in nature.  There are times I can't put the book down.  I have to read the next chapter, or at least start it, because I have to know what's going to happen.  The author does such a great job at getting your interest and keeping it.  I love the characters, too.  Diane Fallon and her staff are fabulous.  They are believable and 3-dimensional characters.  The author has done a fabulous job.  I can't wait to read the next one.  I highly recommend this book.  Matter of fact, I recommend you read the whole series!


Dawn Dowdle