murder in miniature
GERALDINE PORTER, a recently retired high school English teacher in a small northern California town, has organized a crafts fair for her lifelong hobby: dollhouses and miniatures. But even before the doors open, there’s a snag in the program. Geraldine’s fellow crafter and her prized miniature Governor Winthrop desk are missing. By the time the week is over, Geraldine will have dealt with robbery, fraud, and murder, all wrapped up in the world of the very small.
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Geraldine (Gerry) Porter is a retired school teacher who now loves to create miniatures. She sees miniature furniture in many small discarded items. Unfortunately Maddie, her visiting granddaughter, doesn't share her love. She prefers sports.

Linda Reed's teenage son Jason is thought to be involved in the robbery of Crane's Jewelry store. He's been rebellious and in trouble.

Gerry is the chairperson of the local Dollhouse and Miniatures Fair. She and Linda share a table. Gerry notices a spot of blood on a small desk of Linda's. Not long after, Linda and the desk disappear. Gerry is very worried.

That night Gerry gets a late night plea from Linda to pick her up from a deserted area. Gerry bundles Maddie in the car and picks up Linda. Linda refuses to tell Gerry anything.

Then a dead stranger is found near where Gerry picked Linda up and on the same night.

Who killed the stranger, and what connection does she have to the area? Is Jason really involved in the robbery? How and why?

This is the first in this great new cozy series. I can't wait to read the next book! I've always been fascinated with all the small furniture and details in dollhouses, so I really enjoyed the descriptions of creating the various furniture and scenes.

The author has provided plenty of twists in the plot to keep the reader guessing to the end. I highly recommend this book!

Dawn Dowdle