Don't ask ER nurse Darcy Cavanaugh why she's climbing the gangway of a cruise ship--she'll mutter something about job burnout, Firefighter Sam, or that unfortunate incident with an R-rated peanut butter sandwich. The Fall Foliage Tour with champagne, melting wedges of Brie and well-stuffed tuxedoes could mean time to re-think her career, get her life together and plant her Jimmy Choos firmly back on the ground. Only trouble is, everything under Darcy's feet is moving, cruising full speed ahead toward disaster.

When mini-strokes, jewel theft, and a dubious Halloween suicide point a finger of suspicion at her best friend, Darcy dons a mermaid suit and fights a tidal wave of trouble to defend her; stowing clues in her cleavage, torching socks in the shower and even dangling from a lighthouse cliff.

She can handle the flotsam of eccentric suspects and victims: Prom Princess, Yoga Nazi, Queen Bee, Miss Bliss and the Phantom Dancer, but that gorgeous Dance Host, Luke Skyler, makes her dash for a lifejacket--why is the man so blasted baffling? Are his arms a safe berth or leading her to Tango with a killer? When Spa treatments turn deadly, a lifeboat careens overhead and Darcy is threatened with her own sexy lingerie, it looks like she may be next to walk the plank.
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Calvert's debut folds mystery and romance into a valentine to the cruising experience.

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