The headmistress of a posh school for girls has been found murdered in her office. When professor and educational consultant Susan Lombardi learns that her friend John has been accused of the crime, she sets out to clear his name. While doing so she uncovers some troubling secrets about the school's faculty and students. A light-hearted, traditional mystery.
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Professor Susan Lombardi learns that her close friend John is the police’s prime suspect in the murder of headmistress, Sabena Lazlo.  Susan used to teach at Wintonbury Academy and knows the faculty well.  She can’t believe John would have killed her.  Even though he had threatened her the day before at a faculty meeting.  But many people didn’t like Sabena.  Susan isn’t sure there are many people who like her.  She was the reason Susan had left.

Susan decides to try to help clear John.  Since she knows the faculty, she feels she can find out information the police may not be able to discover as easily.  She gets permission to talk to the faculty from Granny Smith who is helping to run the school in Sabena’s absence.  Plus she enlists the help of her husband, Swash, and her Private Investigator friend, Mark. 

The deeper Susan digs, the more secrets about the faculty and students she discovers.  John is definitely not the only person with a motive for murdering Sabena.  But can Susan figure out who the real killer is among all the suspects?

I found this mystery to be very enjoyable.  It is a quick read.  Susan is such a likeable character.  The faculty and students at the Academy are very believable.  The plot is well written, and there are enough suspects to make it difficult to figure out the killer.

I hope Ms. Shmurak writes more in this series.  I highly recommend it.

Dawn Dowdle