When Susan Lombardi is persuaded to join the committee that is deciding on whether or not Professor Abby Gillette gets tenure, she finds out how dangerous a university committee can be.  Student protests are just the beginning; arson, theft and murder soon follow, and Susan must find the killer before there is no one left on the committee.
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Professor Susan Lombardi vowed when she got tenure that she wouldn’t be on any more committees at the college. Unfortunately she gets asked to be on the committee to decide tenure for Abby Gillette. Abby is a very controversial teacher. Susan’s will be the deciding vote.

A group of supporters of Abby’s start causing trouble on the campus. And when a suspicious fire sends one of the committee members to the hospital and then another is found dead in Abby’s office, Susan must try to find out who is behind all this. Could it be the group of supporters?

Susan begins to dig deeper into everything to try to sort things out. Can she do so without becoming the next victim?

I really enjoy this series. Susan is such a fun character. The college campus setting is so entertaining. It’s a great cozy and you’ll devour it in no time! I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle

Abby Gillette, an opinionated, obnoxious, and highly controversial teacher is up for tenure.  Professor Susan Lombadi has promised her husband no more committee work but she is roped into this tenure committee.  But would should be a simple review of Abby's teaching, student's evaluations, her publications, turns into student involvement with a threatened sit-ins and hunger strikes, fire, and even death.

First, Abby's file is missing, then discovered in a janitor's closet with the bad student evaluations missing.  Then Nanette's office is set ablaze.  Nanette barely escapes alive but she does with her purse and Abby's file.  And then another member of the tenure committee is found dead in Abby's office.

What is going on?  Was Abby the real target with the chocolate or Marjorie?  Who took the file?  Should Abby get tenure?  Who started the fire?  Did love blossom out of the committee?

So many questions.  For the answers, read the cozy DEATH COMMITTEE, an easy fast read, DEATH COMMITTEE is not only fast paced but has a cute little side story with a friend of Susan's, Elaine.  The side story does not detract from the main story and is funny.  In fact, I would have like to have seen more of the side story.  It was charming.

DEATH COMMITTEE is a charming cozy. One in the series of Susan Lombardi Mysteries. 

Cynthia Lea Clark, Psy.D.