Marooned on a remote sea island, Annie Darling thinks rescue is near until a merciless killer takes her hostage. 16th in the Death on Demand series.
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Max Darling is hired by Britt Barlow to help her find a murderer. Her brother-in-law was murdered one year ago, and she’s invited everyone back to the island that was there the weekend he was killed. She knows he was killed because she took the wire off the stairs that was strung for him to trip over. Everyone thought it was an accident. Her sister was so sick when he died, she didn’t want any scandal. Her sister has since died. Now she’s ready to unmask the killer. She wants Max’s help.

He finally agrees to help and brings Annie along. The island is secluded with no way off until Sunday night. There’s no cell phone reception either.

When Harry, a hired hand on the island, goes missing, everyone believes he is the murderer That is until another body turns up Can Max and Annie find the killer without becoming the next victims?

I really enjoyed this book I think it was the secluded island that cinched it for me. I already liked Max and Annie from previous books The South Carolina location is wonderful Having them stranded on an island for a weekend with a killer increased the intensity I kept trying to figure out who it was

The author did a great job of creating characters that were believable She gave enough twists and turns to hide the killer to the end.

I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle