True love turns deadly and Annie Darling races to save a life. 14th in the Death on Demand series.
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Virginia Neville upsets her extended stepfamily when she plans her engagement announcement to a much younger man. This announcement is in conjunction with a new art collection being unveiled. Throw a lot of money into the mix and you will see amplified resentment and jealousy of Virginia.

Attending the lavish party are Annie and Max Darling. Annie operates the mystery bookstore, Death on Demand. Gourmet food was the fare and artist Boston Mackey was the celebrity in the spotlight. All of this was quite wonderful until there was a murder!

As a mystery reader, it is imperative to have a paper and pencil at hand. You will want to note suggestions that are listed in this story. I liked the competitive banter between Henny Brawley (the best customer at the bookstore) and Annie. Henny trades off trivia type clues of names and places associated with mystery books, which is fascinating and fun. Annie enjoys it and proves to be a formidable match for Henny. I must confess that I did not know some of the trivia. The more that I read though, the more I wanted to visit this bookstore and meet these people face-to-face.

When the authorities regard an employee of the bookstore as the murderer, desperate measures are taken by Annie to disprove this thinking. Max has been sworn in as a deputy so she needs to tread carefully but swiftly. In the interim, a friend has requested Annie's aid to check on an elderly grandmother. In a retirement home, this lady fears for her life. Once she is on the scene, Annie knows that something is drastically awry.

The author, Carolyn Hart, has precision ability in telling a story. I liked the visual, multidimensional characters. The 14th in the Death on Demand series, this story will give you great reading pleasure. Will you be able to figure out the killer? This reader had the answer, then dismissed it. Happy Reading!

Rita Ratacheck