Annie Darling cries murder when a friend goes overboard on a mystery cruise but no one is listening. 15th in the Death on Demand series.
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Annie Darling owner of 'Death On Demand Bookstore' on Broward's Rock, South Carolina, is helping host a Mystery Cruise Night. The tickets for this occasion are a little steep, and that is why when Annie receives a call from Pamela Potts, she is more than a little confused.

Ingrid, Annie's assistant at 'Death on Demand,' takes the call from Pamela and reports to Annie that Pamela wanted to thank Annie and her husband Max for the ticket to the cruise mystery play and dinner. The problem is that Annie didn't leave a ticket for Pamela in the mail at her home. Thinking that she would clear the misunderstanding up later, Annie goes on with her plans of being the host of mystery lovers night.

There isn't another chance to talk to Pamela before someone makes sure Pamela is plunged into the deep waters, and Pamela is soon in the hospital. Meanwhile Annie doesn't think it is an accident like the local law enforcement does, and she wants answers to why anyone would want Pamela Potts dead.

Meg Heath, a dying ex-model who is a resident on Broward's Rock, is dying. Meg is almost blind and needs to be read to which is what Pamela Potts has been doing every morning for at least two weeks.  By the next morning after the cruise, Annie learns that Meg Heath is dead and thinks that Pamela's and Meg's deaths are connected. Connecting the dots to catch a murderer is what Annie does, and with the help of her bookstore regulars and Max, she is determined to catch a killer before anyone else dies on her watch.

Annie's father Pudge has become involved with an island newcomer Sylvia, and Annie has more family drama than she can handle. Annie's sister Rachel hates Sylvia and is a teenager with a lot of angst. Annie tries hard to like Sylvia but is also having problems accepting the new woman in Pudge's life.

MURDER WALKS the PLANK by Carolyn Hart is a great summer mystery and is a great addition to the DEATH ON DEMAND SERIES. Jeaslousy, blackmail, murder, and family greed are just a few of the threads that bind this island mystery. Carolyn Hart knows how to make waves and keep us turning the pages on a sunny afternoon or a dark and stormy night.

Pamela James