What begins as a series of petty harassments escalates as a stranger, out for revenge, steals Leigh Ann's identity and tries to foil her plans to marry Duck.  When her invisible enemy graduates to murder, Leigh Ann realizes the only way to take back her life and stop the terror is to beat the killer at her own twisted game.
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KILLER CHAMELEON is the fourth book in the series for the character Leigh Ann Warren.  Leigh is a former police officer with changes facing her.  She has a new job, it's Christmas time, and she is getting married.  However, she has someone from her past that is determined to hurt her. At first he does little things to undermine her and cause her irritation.  Her identity has been stolen for one thing, and before long Leigh's stalker escalates and kills her fiancÚ's housekeeper. The housekeeper was found in a car that Leigh once owned causing the authorities to investigate more intently, which in turn causes Leigh's stalker to heighten his terroristic ploys.  He is bound and determined to cause Leigh disruption and harm.

I have not read the first three of the series, but now I will!  What a delightful charming, well written book.  Chassie West has crafted a fun, fast paced, can't put it down read,  She has placed just the right amount of misdirection and challenges to keep it fun.  I read to escape, and this did the job perfectly.

On a scale of 1 to 5, I give it a 5.

Cynthia Lea Clark, Psy.D.