divorced, desperate and dating
Sue Finley murdered people…on paper. As a mystery writer, she knew all the angles, who did what and why. The only thing she couldn’t explain was…well, men. Dating was like diving into a box of chocolates: sometimes the sweetest-looking specimens were candy coated poison. After a breakup with a bank robber and a divorce from a cross dresser, she gave it up for good. Then came Detective Jason Dodd.
Raised in foster homes, Jason swore never to need anyone as much as the parent who abandoned him. That was why he failed to follow up after experiencing the best kiss of his life: real passion was addictive. But when Sue Finley started getting death threats, all bets were off. The blonde spitfire was everything he’d ever wanted—and she needed him. And though this novel situation had a quirky cast of characters and an unquestionable bad guy, he was going to make sure it had a happy ending.
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I really, really liked this story. It's fast-paced and extremely clever with a really good plot. Christie Craig's characters are very real, emotional people. You have to love Jason with his complicated background and admire him for becoming the man he is. You'll also love Sue's quirky mom and her "Elvis" boyfriend. Plan to put aside enough time to finish this book at one sitting. It's really hard to put aside! I look forward to more of Ms. Craig's fiction.

Fresh Fiction
This sequel to Craig's Divorced, Desperate and Delicious is another delightfully entertaining novel with an intriguing mystery. Peopled with interesting new characters and familiar old ones, it also has its share of animal friends that add a lot of humor and warmth to the story.

Romantic Times, Four Stars and HOT

I loved Divorced, Desperate and Dating, by Christie Craig. I loved the characters Craig gathered to entertain us with and how she brought back the characters from Divorced, Desperate and Delicious into the new story so we can catch up on how they are doing. The humorous yet dysfunctional family is something we all can relate to.

Chey, Bookseller, at A Novel Place in Osseo, MN