The second in a series of birdwatching mysteries, Death of a Songbird, features murder, mudslides, and the high-powered world of the coffee industry.  When her partner is murdered, Lark Drummond must flush out a killer before more than the songbirds die.

Lark Drummond’s luxury hotel is packed with hundreds of birding convention-goers. Her employees are driving her crazy. And now her friend and business partner, Esther Mills, has cancelled the hotel’s coffee shipment. In need of a respite, Lark agrees to accompany her friend, Rachel Stanhope, on an afternoon birdwatching excursion. But their outing turns ugly when Lark peers through her spotting scope and witnesses Esther’s murder. With the help of their birdwatching club, she and Rachel set out to find the killers. But as suspects and motives pile up, it soon becomes clear that what they thought was a robbery gone bad was, in fact, something much more sinister…