Natasha Chamberlain is a young, single office manager who dreams of becoming an investigator. Offered the opportunity to act as bodyguard to computer genius/multimillionaire Roger Valentine while posing as his girlfriend, she jumps at the chance, hoping she can use this as a stepping stone into her firm’s investigative department. Jonce Striker, founding partner of Investigative Services, Inc., does not know what he has let himself in for by suggesting Natasha play bodyguard to his good friend, Roger. From the first outing, when Natasha mistakes an extended lighter for a gun and creates chaos at a banquet given in Roger’s honor, she causes Striker nothing but consternation and agitation. Natasha is overzealous in protecting Roger and manages to bungle three separate attempts by an extortionist to collect money from Roger, while driving Striker crazy with her zaniness. Things turn serious when Roger and Natasha are fired upon while playing golf. Who is trying to killer Roger and why? Is it the extortionist or someone else? Laugh out loud at Natasha’s antics as she stumbles her way through the investigation.