A raucous group is protesting the planned relocation of the local Civil War cemetery, when their leader turns up dead. Now, Meg and Quill must catch a killer before another local V.I.P. is greeted with an untimely R.I.P.
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It’s the slow season at the Inn of Hemlock Falls.  So, Meg and Quill are happy to have the sequestered jury.  That is until they get all the requirements for having them stay there.  There are only six jurors, the judge, his bodyguard, and the court liaison, but they keep everyone hopping with their demands.   

Corliss Hooker is the head of protestors called “Friends of the Dead”  They are trying to stop  Ferris Rodman, owner of Roncor Construction,  from relocating the Civil War cemetery to build a golf course.  Then Corliss is found murdered in the cemetery.  He is clutching a piece of paper that brings Quill into the investigation.   

Quill starts hearing rumors of a large hotel being built in town.  She and Marge end up doing some late night investigation to find out more.  Plus Marge’s ex-husband Boomer is in town.  No one even knew she was married before.  One morning Marge asks Quill to help her find Boomer as he didn’t show up for their meeting.  He is apparently dependable to be where he says he will be.  Unfortunately they find he’s had an “accident” and has been decapitated. 

Quill begins to wonder if the two murders are related.  She begins digging to try to find the link.  She ends up putting herself in danger before unmasking the killer. 

I love this series.  Meg and Quill are so likeable.  I would love to be able to stay at the Inn and get to know everyone in town.  It sounds like the type of place you would love to visit, except for all the murders.   

Not only are the setting and characters wonderful, the plot and pacing are great too.  There are always plenty of suspects so that it is difficult to figure out who the killer is before the author uncovers it through the story.    I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle