The Inn's proprietors, the Quillam sisters, face poor business and inveigle television's Helena Houndswood to tape one of her stylish shows at the Inn, which leads to a mysterious death and disappearance.
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It is discovered that Helena Houndswood, TV star of It's a Beautiful Life, is staying at The Inn at Hemlock Falls incognito. Sarah Quilliam ("Quill") and her sister Margaret Quilliam ("Meg") run the inn. Meg is the gourmet chef and Sarah is the manager. Then it is discovered that a group of women who work at the local Paramount Paint plant won the design contest sponsored by her Helena's TV show.

Soon one winner is missing and another dead. Who is behind this? Helena begins to show her true colors. She is a snob with a heart of stone until the camera is rolling. Then she is all class. Could she be behind the disappearance and death?

I have read the whole series of books set in Hemlock Falls. They are delightful and easy to read. I feel as if I know Quill and Meg. They always end up helping solve the crimes. Quill dates Myles the local sheriff and he doesn't approve of her help in these matters.

There are many wonderful characters who work at or stay at the Inn in each of her books. Dina, the receptionist, is the one who recognizes Helena and alerts Quill. Doreen, the head housekeeper, with her many opinions and schemes often helps Quill but can also be an embarrassment.

Then there's the town Chamber of Commerce. Quill is the secretary, but she can't seem to take readable notes. The Chamber is always sticking their two cents into the mix. In this book they set up the Little Miss Falls beauty contest and attempt to get Helena to cover it on her show.

Quill gets herself into many situations while looking into the disappearance and death. The plot is very well written and the setting is beautifully described. I would love to go there for a stay. I highly recommend this book as well as the whole series. They are great!

Dawn Dowdle