Ground To A Halt

Sisters and innkeepers Meg and Quill have an inn full of guests who can't stop fighting. Soon, one ends up murdered on a pig farm. And when a psychic correctly predicts a second murder, business grinds to a halt.

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Sarah "Quill" Quillam runs the Inn at Hemlock Falls in upstate New York. Her sister Meg is the chef. Currently the conventioneers from the International Association of Pet Food are guests. They're meeting about switching to vegan pet food. So far things have not gone smoothly.

When Quill discovers the body of Lila Longstreet which she's supervising a field trip to Heavely Hogg's Pig Farm, the fat hits the fan.

Pet psychic Olivia Oberlie predicts a second murder. After that prediction is proved right, Meg and Quill decide to investigate. Can they find the killer before he/she strikes again? Can they keep each other safe during the process?

I love this series and am sad that it will soon be ending. Quill and Meg are such fun characters. I wish the Inn at Hemlock Falls was real. I'd love to go for a visit and meet them.

The peripheral characters at the Inn and in town really add to this great cozy series. Having it set at an Inn really lends itself to have an unlimited supply of characters, but I am sure all the murders would eventually be hard on business!

I like the way Quill and Meg work together to solve crimes. I like the way the author has brought some turmoil into their lives. Seeing them work through turmoil makes them more real.

I highly recommend this complete series as well as this book.

Dawn Dowdle