Desperate to buy back the Inn at Hemlock Falls, the Quilliam sisters face a devastating setback when a TV producer is murdered on the premises.
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I love this cozy series set at the Hemlock Inn in upper NY. The inn is run by 2 wacky sisters -- Meg and Sarah Quillam. Meg is a 4 star chef and Sarah (Quill) runs the inn. Sarah's love life is in the pits. Meg is engaged to Andy (the local doctor.).

In this book they are repurchasing the Inn (read the previous book for why). They are trying to convince Horvath (a Finn) to have the Finnish nation invest in the Inn. Then LA screenwriters arrive. 2 end up dead. Since Quill's dog is a suspect in one death, she starts investigating.

This is a fun, quick read. One of my favorite series.

Dawn Dowdle