They flew thousands of critical and dangerous missions for their government during the war. They flew every plane available, from cargo and pursuit planes to the most advanced American bombers. They were paid little and received no veterans benefits. If they died on the job, their fellow pilots took up a collection to ship their bodies home. They were denounced in Congress and slandered in the press. So why would anyone want to kill them now? Just because they're women? Cat Caliban is hired to find out.
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History and a mystery all in one book certainly held my attention from beginning to end.

Cat Caliban and Moses Fogg – neighbors, friends, and now, most recently, partners under his newly acquired PI license, make a perfect match.  It begins July 4, 1986, with Cat accompanying Moses to his annual family cookout, preferring his family over hers with some flack from her daughter, Sharon, on this decision.  This day turns out to be anything but normal when a small plane crash lands in a nearby field.  With breath held by the spectators, it is a relief to see the pilot emerge from the plane and to everyone’s astonishment the pilot turns out to be a woman. 

Heading their way, her first words are of sorrow for ruining their day and then introducing herself as Toots Magruder.   She confesses her belief that the plane has been sabotaged and feels the need to hire a detective, unbeknownst of who she is talking to.  This is the beginning where Cat and Moses walk into a mystery that leads back to World War II and Wasp (Women Airforce Service Pilots). 

Toots, herself a part of WASP some 40 years earlier, tells of a story with one of the eight women who were to attend their graduation at Harlingen Air Force Base located in Texas, disappeared into the skies never to be heard again.  Now, recently, two more women have died in similar accidents and Toots, fearing for her life, makes an appointment with Cat and Moses.

This is an incredible book written so vividly you feel a part of the story.  Not only gives you a mystery that is a page turner from start to finish, but the history of these courageous women is brought into focus.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading D. B. Borton’s book and look forward to another episode with Cat and Moses at the helm.

Skye Lindborg