As baby boomers age, the pursuit of a fountain of youth continues to accelerate. At the same time, we live in fear of both terrorist attacks and environmental collapse, whether its Tsunamis, massive global warming, or cataclysmic climate change. Based on cutting-edge science, The Black Silent’s premise involves all the elements each rooted in the true-to-life Archaea organism, found in the deepest sea bottoms, which scientists believe may play a role in either preserving or destroying life on earth.

In The Black Silent, Dr. Ben Anderson has disappeared. An eminent scientist working in Seattle’s northern Puget Sound amongst some of the worlds most beautiful islands, commonly known as the San Juan islands of Washington state. Dr. Anderson has discovered the astonishing secrets of the Arcs. Already someone has tried and failed to kill him, and someone else holds him captive. As Haley, Dr. Anderson’s adopted daughter, and Sam, his nephew and a recuperating investigator, search for the missing scientist; others are in determined pursuit, including the prestigious Sanker Corporation, Dr. Anderson’s partner in research. At first it appears that Ben has shared his top-secret research with no one, not even Sanker. Gradually a much larger picture emerges and it becomes shockingly clear how one man could possess such a wealth of information.

Sanker is about to merge with a rival, and their management dominance depends on their ability to score the huge potential revenues possible from Ben’s research. Haley and Sam’s search is impeded by a dangerous rogue director of security at Sanker, whose mission is to eliminate Dr. Anderson and snatch his rich cache of research. The Black Silent reaches its intense climax on the sea, as science and corporate greed wage a fierce battle for the future of the planet’s soul.