When Gretchen Birch arrives in Phoenix, Arizona to search for her mother, a talented doll restorer, she thinks her Aunt Nina is performing her usual theatrics. But Nina, purse dog trainer and self-proclaimed psychic, fears her mother’s disappearance is connected with the death of Martha, an alcoholic has-been doll collector found at the base of a ridge on Camelback Mountain. Martha carried a small expensive French doll parasol in her pocket and a piece of paper implicating Gretchen’s mother clenched in her cold fist. Restringing an antique doll is child’s play compared to the skills Gretchen must hone to save her mother and herself.
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Gretchen Birch’s mother, Caroline, is missing and suspected of murder. Gretchen’s aunt Nina calls and convinces Gretchen she needs to come to Phoenix to help her find her mother and clear her name. Caroline is accused of murdering a homeless former doll collector found dead at the bottom of a cliff. Caroline is a part of the doll collecting community. She was seen fleeing the crime scene. And now she’s missing and all the evidence points to her.

Gretchen and Nina know Caroline is innocent, but without being able to contact her, they aren’t sure how to clear her name. They start digging into the dead woman’s life and the doll collecting community. Can they clear Caroline’s name without putting the killer on their trail?

This is the first in a new series. It is great. I can’t wait to read the next one. Gretchen and Nina are wonderful characters. The theme doll collecting really added to the storyline. The Phoenix setting was great as well.

I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle