Goodbye Dolly
Gretchen's at her first major doll show without her mother (and only her flighty Aunt Nina there to "help"), praying she doesn't botch any repair jobs. But glue-gun glitches turn out to be the least of her worries when a sleazy reporter is found dead-with Gretchen's craft knife stuck in his back. Then someone begins sending her boxes of Kewpie dolls with cryptic, threatening messages hidden inside. Now she must watch her step, or else she'll end up needing more than a few repairs...
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Gretchen attends her first auction while her mother is on her big book tour. She wins the bid on a box of Ginny dolls but packages are somehow mixed up and she leaves with a box of Kewpie dolls. Reporter Ronnie Bean is discovered dead with one of Gretchen's tools with her ex-boyfriend Steve's fingerprints on it. Even though Steve is a rat, she doesn't believe he is a killer. She sets off to uncover the real killer. I love this series with its quirky characters and doll collecting theme. I always get a chuckle out of it and highly recommend it!

Dawn Dowdle