On opening day of bear hunting season in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, a game warden is murdered and Gertie Johnson's grandson has disappeared. Gertie's search for him is hampered by her pin-curled bodyguard, Kitty, her man-hungry friend Cora Mae, and Grandma Johnson--who should be mushing peas between her new false teeth in a nursing home instead of setting up camp at Gertie's place. This is book two in the Yooper mystery series featuring the unpredictable, unflappable, and unstoppable amateur sleuth Gertie Johnson.
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A game warden is murdered in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on opening day of bear season. Little Donny, Gertie’s grandson, has gone missing. The warden was murdered at Little Donny’s tree stand.

Gertie’s son, Blaze, is the sheriff, but he is after Little Donny as he thinks he is the murderer. Gertie believes in her heart that he’s innocent.

Gertie and her two friends, Kitty who also believes she is Gertie’s bodyguard, and Cora Mae who is after all the men, set out to find Little Donny, prove his innocence, and find the real killer.

Grandma Johnson, Gertie’s mother-in-law who lives with her (against her wishes), doesn’t make things easy. Then when Little Donny’s mother descends on Gertie to await word on her son, Gertie kicks it up into high gear.

Blaze keeps trying to get Gertie for driving without a license. She keeps working at dodging him.

Gertie and her associates are a hoot. I love this series. You never know what Gertie will do next. I wish I knew Gertie. She sounds like she’d be a lot of fun!

The setting of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is great. It really adds to the story.

I highly recommend this book and series!

Dawn Dowdle