It’s opening day of hunting season in Stonely, Michigan. At the crack of dawn, Chester Lampi takes a bullet right between the eyes while holed up in his hunting blind waiting for Big Buck, the legendary eighteen-pointer. Everyone thinks a stray bullet killed Chester except Gertie Johnson, the sixty-six year old mother of the local sheriff. Blaze, named after the horse Gertie never had, is more focused on retiring than sheriffing, so Gertie sets out to bag more than Big Buck. With the help of Cora Mae, her man-hungry Wonderbra-equipped best friend, and sassy pin-curled Kitty, Gertie fends off attempts by family and foe to stop her investigation. Gertie bends the rules, tells outrageous fibs to get her way, and creates havoc in what was once a quiet backwoods community.
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Gertie Johnson doesn’t think her son Blaze, the sheriff of their backwoods community in the upper peninsula of Michigan, is fully investigating the death of her neighbor Chester Lampi. He was shot in his hunting blind on opening day of deer hunting season.

Blaze does things by the book, but Gertie is afraid he’s dropping the ball on this one. He has ruled it as an accident. Gertie is sure that it wasn’t an accident. So she sets out to investigate on her own. Since she can’t drive, she gets her grandson, Little Donny, to drive her around. Her best friend Cora Mae assists her, and Kitty wants to be her bodyguard.

Gertie and her friends have many wild adventures along the way. In the meantime, Blaze files to become Gertie’s legal guardian. She tries not to let this keep her from her investigation. But can she keep herself and her friends safe while on the trail of a killer? Is the killer someone they know and trust?

I really enjoyed this book. Gertie is such a fun character. Her friends are a hoot as well. I found myself laughing out loud. The predicaments they got themselves into! I look forward to reading the next book! Plus this author has another series starting that I am anxious to try.

I highly recommend this book!

Dawn Dowdle