murder talks turkey
It’s spring in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula—an exciting season of rising temperatures, budding romances, and the turkey-hunting opener. But for sheer adrenaline value, neither love nor turkeys can compete with the Credit Union being held up at gunpoint. It’s not the best planning to commit a robbery in a town where everyone is armed for combat, and the gunman is shot dead in a room full of witnesses—but the stolen money has disappeared right in front of their eyes.  Faster than you can say “Tom Turkey,” Gertie, Cora Mae, and Kitty are on the case.
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Sixty-six year old Gertie Johnson is in the credit union when it is robbed.  The gunman is shot dead right there--enough to give anyone a heart attack.  But Gertie is a senior citizen with a difference.  She works on learning and using a new word for each day, takes care of her cranky mother-in-law even though her husband is dead, and is the head of the Trouble Busters.  In other words, she and her friends Kitty and Cora make a little on the side by snooping. 

But snooping into what exactly happened in the credit union and why turns Gertie into a fugitive and can leave a reader gasping from laughter.  Murder Talks Turkey is the latest installment  in Deb Baker's Yooper mysteries, and the series is a must for cozy readers. 

Christine Duncan