Carnegie Kincaid plans weddings, not stag parties. Then why is she peering through binoculars across the Seattle Ship Canal, watching a shapely Santa stripper get naked in the window of a hip dockside bistro? Because Aaron Gold, her once-significant other, is at the bachelor bash. But so is another, uninvited guest: murder!

When a corpse is fished from the Canal the next day, critical questions arise.  What did Carnegie really seen through those binoculars? More important, what will she tell the police that she saw? And most important, will she and Aaron find a way to reconcile?

Meanwhile, as Carnegie snoops around, word of a witness has gotten out-and now a killer is watching her....

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Carnegie Kincaid is a wedding planner in Seattle. Normally she doesn’t plan stag parties. She plans weddings. But, her new client insisted. After she left the party, she ends up looking through binoculars to watch the party. Why? Her significant other, although they’re currently having trouble, is at the party. What she doesn’t know is that a killer is there, too.

The next day the best man is pulled from the canal. Who could have killed him? What did she see in those binoculars? Anything important? After she tells police what she saw and gets a friend in trouble, she decides she’d better look into things herself before telling them anything else. She gets Aaron, her significant other, to help her.

Not only does she have this New Year’s Eve wedding to be planning, she has another Christmas wedding to plan. And now Ivy, the mother of the bride for the New Year’s Eve wedding, has asked her to plan another party.

Since the murder is related to that wedding, she wants to spend as much time as possible with the parties to try to determine who could have been the murderer. Can she do that before anyone else is murdered, including herself? Plus what about her new love interest? Will this muddy the waters?

Carnegie is a great character. She is a lot of fun, and she gets herself into predicaments throughout the book. I felt it was a very believable story, and a lot of fun to read. I can’t wait to read more.

I am originally from Washington State, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading a book set in Seattle. I think the author does a great job of weaving the wedding planning and the sleuthing.

I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle

Carnegie Kincaid is a wedding planner. Trying to promote her local Seattle business, her TV spot is upstaged by a French hunk, Beau Paliere, who manages upscale weddings. Carnegiešs style comes off as being dull, unattractive and second-rate.

This is only one of her problematic challenges. At the bachelor party of one of her clients, the best man is murdered. Following a performance by a Santa stripper, one man is dead. Unfortunately, Carnegiešs best friendšs brother is accused of the murder. He is an alcoholic who has fallen off the wagon. This strains the relationship between the two friends because Carnegie needs to give information which hurts the accused.

Rest assured, not all is doom and gloom. A redeeming factor is to have the mother of the bride be Ivy Tyler. Wealthy and very intelligent, Ivy brainstormed the business venture entitled Meet For Coffee, which is giving Starbucks some stiff competition. For coffee lovers, this story may hold an additional charm. Ivyšs world shows us a glimpse of an ailing husband and a snotty spoiled daughter. It also demonstrates the posh world of this family.

The characters in this story are unpredictable. Just when you think you know what the game plan is, one more secret is revealed. This also holds true with Carnegiešs love interest, Aaron Gold. If you experience the story as I did, you will not know the whole story until the end of the book. It did keep me guessing.

The first and second books in the wedding planner mystery series are VEILED THREATS and DIED TO MATCH.

Rita Ratacheck