It all began innocently enough, when Skye and Simon joined The Grand Union of the Mighty Bulls, Scumble River's premier social club. But then Skye ended up wrapped in wallpaper, and the club leaders, Barbie and Ken Addison, ended up dead.
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Skye Denison is a school psychologist in Scumble River. Her boyfriend Simon, the coroner and funeral home owner, has joined the local social club, Grand Union of the Mighty Bulls, and he has talked her into joining the GUMB ladies’ auxiliary. That’s how she met Barbie Addison.

Skye attended a Instant Gourmet party at Barbie’s and ended up buying a week’s worth of Instant Gourmet food. Skye’s dad gives her a ride to Barbie’s to pick up her food. Her Bel Air doesn’t do well in really bad weather. They find Barbie and Ken (her husband) dead.

Police Chief Walter Boyd asked Skye and Simon to help him investigate their murders. Skye has assisted in the past, but usually against everyone’s wishes. This is a new twist for Wally to ask for her help. He knows he needs people who are in GUMB to help find out information.

To complicate matters more, Simon’s mother Bunny arrived at Skye’s house one night in a snowstorm with no where else to stay. Skye thought Simon’s mother was dead so she is quite surprised to meet her. At least that’s what Simon had told her! Skye’s Uncle Charlie who runs a local motel, referred Bunny to Skye’s for the night. One night turns into many! Bunny isn’t the easiest person to live with either. Simon was not too happy to see his mother.

Skye and Simon find themselves in many interesting situations as they assist Wally in the investigation.

I love the characters and their interactions in this series. Denise has constructed such a great cast of characters. Plus Scumble River is the typical small town (if any are typical). Everyone knows everyone’s business and there are plenty of scandals.

I highly recommend this book and the whole series! It’s great! It is a wonderful cozy mystery series.

Dawn Dowdle