A health spa complete with tofu turkey and "Dress for Sexcess" lectures is the last place school psychologist Skye Denison wants to spend Thanksgiving. But when her best friend, Trixie Frayne, convinces her to take a complimentary weekend at the new Scumble River Spa, Skye accepts her fate and prepares to be slathered, wrapped and roasted.

Then an annoying quartet that includes both Skye's mom and her ex-boyfriend's mother impulsively joins her for a girls-only holiday, and Skye wonders just how bad things can get. She soon finds out -- when she's confronted with treatments only a masochist would enjoy, a diet plan fit for a Barbie doll, and a troublesome trespasser searching for a cache of jewels supposedly hidden in the spa seventy years ago. Worst of all, a famous former model turns up dead in the Miracle Mud bath. It looks like no one will be leaving the spa until Skye can identify which of the eccentric guests, pesky local protesters or sneaky treasure hunters is also a killer deserving of special treatment -- in the county jail.
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It's time to pad your thighs and get ready for a slapping good time as we embark on our latest visit to Scumble River. A health spa is coming to town and Skye, who is trying to run as fast as she can from it is convinced by her best friend to accept a complimentary weekend. So Skye takes a deep breath and heads to spa where she is prepared to have a horrible weekend. And she isn't disappointed. When her mother and her ex-boyfriend's mother show up Skye begins to wonder just how much worse could things get. It doesn't take long to find out when the treatments start, treatments you have to be a masochist to like, a diet plan that would starve a bird, providing they could force down the food and the only reason she is there, an intruder looking for cache of jewels that were supposed to have been hidden there seventy years ago. And just when she thinks things can't get any worse, a famous former model turns up dead and everyone is a suspect because she was so hateful no one liked her. And when you throw in the usual eccentric characters that are the staples of this series, you get another rolling adventure in the small everybody would love to visit but are glad they aren't from there.

Skye has her hands full in this latest escapade, dodging everybody from killers to treasure hunters to relatives to masseurs. Join Skye as she bobs and weaves her way through the spa, trying to find a killer before she herself either becomes a victim or starves to death.

Kathy Thomason

Trixie Frayne is Skye Dennison's best friend and it is all Trixie's fault that Skye is spending Thanksgiving at the Scumble River Spa. The spa is worse that any torture and when Skye's mother and her ex-boyfriend's mother show up at the spa for a girls holiday weekend she wonders just how long it will be before fate turns into a nightmare.

She doesn't have long to wait between the hunger pains, and  mud baths before she has her answer as there is a rumor that treasure is located on the spa grounds someplace and it's been there for seventy years.

Then when Esme' Gates a beautiful model is found dead in a miracle mud bath then Skye who has been referred to as the 'nancy Drew' of Scumble River must done her sleuthing cap and get to the murky bottom o murder most botoxed.

MURDER of a BOTOXED BLONDE, will tickle your funny bone and Denise Swanson has penned a witty and insightful mystery. One that will leave you laughing and all the way to the last page.

Pamela James