When Skye Denison left Scumble River years ago, she swore she'd never come back. Now, having been fired from her job, jilted by her boyfriend and rejected by her credit cards, she has reluctantly returned....and it's murder.
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When school psychologist Skye Denison left Scumble River after high school, she swore she would never return to such a “small minded” town. But when credit card and boyfriend trouble caused her to slink home, she tries to blend in unnoticed. However “inconspicuous” has never been one of Skye’s attributes, as the small-town busybodies try to bring her out in the public eye whenever they can. When she stumbles upon a dead TV personality, the police accuse her brother and she is forced to prove him innocent. This proves to be a daunting task, but Skye is up to the task. She is bright, persistent, gutsy and the perfect amateur sleuth.

Being a social worker and therapist myself, I found this to be a fun read. I found the ending to be a bit weak and forced, but that may have just been because I’d had a hard day. Who knows? But I do plan to read the second in the series and hopefully the rest. Skye is the kind of person that I think I’d be friends with in real life, and I like her nerve.

Kathryn van Rooyen