Yard sales bring out the worst in people. Nobody knows this better than Scumble River school psychologist Skye Denison, organizer of the First Annual Route 66 Yard Sale. Neighborly folks get downright nasty, and when Skye's former boss is found murdered nobody know how this cookie will crumble.
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Skye Denison is organizing the First Annual Route 66 Yard Sale as her new summer job. She got fired from the first two, and is now working for her uncle. The main reason she took this job was to get enough money to purchase the house she’s been renting. Bad thing is her uncle rented out her house to Faith Fairchild, tv personality, who has come to film a “Faith Finds Special” during the nine-day yard sale.

Skye ends up jumping through hoops to keep her uncle happy and keep peace with everyone during the yard sale. This isn’t easy.

In the meantime, her parents aren’t speaking to each other. Skye is staying with them and ends up in the middle. How can she get them back together? And if that isn’t enough, a couple of students from the high school where she works are having problems, and one of them goes missing during the yard sale.

Top it all off when Cookie Caldwell, her former summer-job boss, is found murdered. The sheriff suspects Skye, so Skye sets out to clear her name. Along with that, Skye’s love life gets more complicated.

Can Skye find the real killer, patch up her parents’ relationship, find the missing teen, keep the yard sale going to get her bonus, and figure out her love life all before the yard sale ends?

I love this series. Skye is so much fun. When I read a book in this series, it’s like sitting down with an old friend and catching up on the latest. It is so well written and Skye and the other characters in the series are so well crafted that you forget you’re reading a book. I always find these books to be hard to put down, and this one was no exception.

I highly recommend this book and the whole series.

Dawn Dowdle