Families can be murder. When school psychologist Skye Denison's grandma is found dead, foul play is suspected. But who would murder such a sweet old lady? Skye wonders if exposing the rotten roots of her family tree will cause someone to crack.
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Skye Denison is the school psychologist in Scumble River, IL. Her office is in the Jr. High but she spends time at the high school and elementary schools as well. Skye grew up here. After high school she left planning to never return. Fired, jilted and broke she returned. With the help of her Uncle Charlie she obtained the psychologist job.

When Skye arrives at Grandma Leofanti's, she finds her dead and Mrs. Janowski, who took care of her, missing. Most of Skye's immediate and extended family members become suspects.

Along with her daily duties at school, Skye begins looking into family members' alibis and motives. She uncovers lots of family secrets.

A series of hooligan attacks on Skye's property begin and lead to an outright physical attack on Skye.

This is a GREAT series. I feel like I know Skye and her quirky family. Definitely a country family in a small town. The people she has created are so well described; I feel they're real and very believable.

I always look forward to reading the next book in this series.

Dawn Dowdle