American schoolteacher Grace Hollister is not the type of woman to whom Adventure happens -- heck, she even returns library books on time! But a working vacation in England's beautiful Lake District turns deadly when Grace discovers the body of a man floating face down in a stream. Before Grace can say "Derwent Water," she's up to her literary neck in mystery, murder, gewgaws and the quest for a long lost manuscript by the infamous Romantic poet Lord George Gordon Byron.

(A Mystery Guild selection)
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Grace Hollister, an American schoolteacher and literary scholar, has come to England’s Lake District to visit the old haunts of her favorite poets. While there, she stumbles upon the body of Peter Fox laying face down in a stream. Thankfully he isn’t dead.

Soon after saving Peter’s life, she finds herself being chased by two thugs after the gewgaws Peter, a local antiques dealer, is hiding. One problem. Peter doesn’t have any idea what the gewgaws are, let alone have them.

The two begin searching for answers and end up chased by the thugs in the process. Eventually they discover the gewgaws have something to do with Lord Byron. Can they find them and solve the mystery without getting themselves killed?

Normally I don’t like mysteries set in England, but I loved this book. I can’t wait to read more in this series. Grace and Peter make a terrific pair. They are constantly finding themselves in trouble and Peter’s dark past lends itself to the mystery as well.

The setting is terrific and there are lots of red herrings to keep things interesting. I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle