Book One of the Megan Clark Series, featuring Megan Clark, amateur and unemployed paleopathologist, her faithful Watson, AKA Professor Ryan Stevens, and the eccentrics of the Murder by the Yard Mystery Book Club.
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This book took me a while to get into. It's a great cozy and it's centered around a murder of a mystery discussion group attendee. The members of the mystery discussion group are suspects and work on solving the mystery. The reason I had trouble getting into it was that 2 different characters tell the story--they take turns telling the story in different chapters.

I like the characters. I'm not sure which male I want Megan Clark to end up with. Can't wait to read another in this series to see which way she's leaning.

he mystery discussion group I'm in read this for our read one month. Most people enjoyed it. It was pretty easy for most of us to figure out who did it. We all had come up with different reasons that weren't all right, but on the right track.

I recommend this book. I plan to read more in the series.

Dawn Dowdle