Joanna Larne is driving to her new cottage at Spearmint Lake when two young men, fueled by road rage, try to force her off the freeway. She escapes without harm, but this is only the summer’s first threat. After going to the aid of a tourist who has been shot in the local cemetery, Joanna learns of the town’s resident ghost, Lieutenant Ned Seymour, a policeman whose twenty-year-old murder has never been solved. With the sound of water haunting her cottage, a vanishing tourist, and a killer whose mask is beginning to slip, Joanna can only hope that she will survive her vacation.
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Joanna Larne, a Gothic novelist, is almost run off the road on her way to her new cottage at Spearmint Lake. She is shaken but unharmed. Later, after settling into her cottage, she helps a woman who has been shot in the local cemetery. Wondering about the community she is vacationing in, she learns about Lieutenant Ned Seymour, a policeman who was murdered twenty years ago. His murder has never been solved, and people often see his ghost.

Joanna is having strange happenings at her cottage. She keeps hearing water when none is running.

As she gets to know more people in the community, she finds herself getting deeper and deeper into the investigation. Can she figure out what is going on without putting herself in danger?

I enjoyed this book. Joanna is a wonderful character. There is plenty of suspense without any gore—my kind of suspense mystery! The pace of the story kept me wanting to read more. I found there to be plenty of red herrings to keep me from determining the killer. I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle