secret for a satyr
Libby Dorset drowns in her backyard satyr fountain one spring evening.  The neighborhood children think that the statue came alive and pulled her into the water.  Their parents gossip about suicide.  Only Cressa Hannett, Libby's neighbor, suspects that Libby may have been murdered, but Cressa doesn't realize that she may be the killer's next victim.
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Cressa Hannett moves back to her hometown of Maple Creek, Michigan to regroup after losing out on a job and ending a relationship in Texas. Once home she buys a small house on the street referred to as Victorian Row right next door to Libby Dorset, a piano teacher who lives in a beautiful Victorian house. Cressa loves her garden and has undertaken the renovations to the smallest house on the street with slight reservations about the fountain in Libby's backyard. A life-like statue of a satyr stands in the center of the fountain.

On the morning after a celebration party of Libby's student's piano recital Libby is found dead - drowned in the fountain. The neighborhood is in shock, but believes it to be an accident. Cressa feels uneasy about the circumstances.

While cleaning her basement Cressa comes across an old package containing a memory book given to a girl who disappeared decades before Cressa returned to town. She contacts one of her neighbors, a newspaper man, thinking it would make a good human interest story. Then she sees a young girl on the property behind her home who vanishes before Cressa can talk to her.

Eerie things begin to happen to and around Cressa while she labors to find out what happened to the missing girl and Libby Dorsett. She's not satisfied with the answers that she has received and the more she digs the stranger things become.

The gothic feel of this book really kept me reading. Ms. Bodoin's style is engaging and her characters evoke small town personalities to a tee. She brings to life all of the eccentricities of relationships between neighbors in an eloquent and stylish manner.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a bit of supernatural with their mystery.

Mary Fairchild