Lucinda's summer vacation
The third novel in the Devon Gray series finds him living alone in the
mountains.  Although Lucinda has given him his freedom, she visits him on her summer vacation.  Her psychic daughter Amy arrives to share the fun, but the three of them are in for a disquieting ride into the darkness of Devon's guilt.
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Lucinda arrives at the isolated mountain home of her lover, Devon Gray, anticipating a romantic summer vacation. She looks out the window and sees flashing lights from police cars in the neighbor’s yard. The neighbor, Natalie Wieland, has been murdered, and Devon was there when she died. Devon must explain to both Lucinda and the police why he was there. Lucinda, her daughter, Amy, and Devon begin sorting through the guilt and complicity that emerge from this situation. All three find themselves suspects, but both Devon and the chief of police were having affairs with the deceased. Devon feels guilty because Natalie asked him for help on the last day of her life. Now he feels that he must find the killer, but he also must maintain a low profile because he has run from a murder he committed in El Paso. Fackler has created a story with complex
characters that will appeal to fans of psychological drama.

Booklist review - 6/1/07 issue
Advanced Review – Uncorrected Proof