"I won't talk to anyone else--only you.
Another child, another sweet girl will die.
You can stop it, Kitt.
Don't you want to stop it?"
Five years ago, three young victims were found dead, posed like little angels. There were no witnesses. Strangely clean scenes. The Sleeping Angel Killer called his despicable acts, "the perfect crimes".
The case immobilized the close-knit community of Rockford, Illinois, and nearly destroyed homicide detective Kitt Lundgren's career-- and her life. During the investigation, Kitt tragically lost her own child to illness. She was overwhelmed by the death of her daughter, and the final blow was the crushing realization that she let the killer get away.
Now the Sleeping Angel Killer is back.
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It has been five long years since Detective Kitt Lundgren let the bottle ruin her life. Five years ago she botched the biggest case of her career. Five years ago, her 10 year old daughter, Sadie, was dying of leukemia. Five years ago the SAK, Sleeping Angel Killer, took the hopes of three 10 year old girls. However, after Kitt botched his capture, the SAK took to silencing his murderous intent. Kitt’s return to the department is marred by the apparent reappearance of the SAK, however, the SAK contacts Kitt direct and tells her that this latest string of murders is not his work. Now Kitt has to solve the case that has been haunting her, but also, has to solve the case of his Copycat.

It has been awhile since I’ve wanted to read everything by an author, but Spindler has changed that for me with her gift of enrapturing me into her characters and their story.

The female leads, Kitt Lundgren and her partner Mary Catherine Riggio, M.C., are strong, independent, intelligent women and Spindler allows you to see them as women. Often times, an author will attempt to write strong women and fall short because they forget that the characters are women first. However, both of these women are so real that I could imagine myself being friends with both.

Spindler wove a tale so completely that I thought I knew who the SAK was and the Copycat on one page, and I would turn it and find myself doubting my theory. Copycat was that book where as I was sitting at work I would be trying to find minutes to steal away to read so that I could find out what happened next. I was completely engrossed in this amazing story.

I am eagerly awaiting my next adventure with this thoroughly alluring author.

There haven’t been many 5 Klover reviews in my reading life; however Copycat gave me a thrill every second of the ride. I am honored to be able to recommend this book to everyone.

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The Sleeping Angel Killer provides the chilling focus to Spindler’s 12th bloodcurdling romantic thriller . . . Spindler’s setting of a "meat and potatoes" Midwest town provides a fresh background for two believable and very cool investigators . . . a breathless finale.

Publisher’s Weekly - April 24, 2006