Winner of The 2007 Lovey Award for Best First Novel
Nominated for the 2007 Agatha Award for Best First Mystery
The Chef Who Died Sauteing
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The Chef Who Died Sauteing
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Ariel Quigley is a young English instructor who talks to ghosts and has precognitive dreams. In the first book she finds herself embroiled in an abortive bombing, a suspicious death, a car accident that is no accident, and a hurricane. (Is nature a terrorist agent?) She does Tarot readings for fun, but learns a lot about the people around her from the cards. And in the course of unraveling the clues she also learns the truth about the death of a slave who died before the Civil War—from the ghost herself.

A Killer Cookbook, Volume #1: Recipes to Accompany The Chef Who Died Sautéing

The Chef Who Died Sautéing brought a young English instructor who talks to ghosts and has precognitive dreams together with both a murder to be solved and a lot of food! Now readers who found a desire to snack at every new turn of the plot can sample all 30 of the delicacies described in the novel for themselves.
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Psychology Today reports that we can draw strength from stories, that seeing a conflict resolved on the page ‘is good for the body as well as the soul.’ This is particularly significant when we’re talking about mysteries such as The Chef Who Died Sautéing, wherein the conflict is resolved not only with satisfaction but with humor.”

Pat Carr, author of If We Must Die, Sonachi, The Women in the Mirror, and other books, Elkins, Arkansas

Outstanding New Series

Having just finished reading "The Chef Who Died Sauteing," I can wholeheartedly recommend what promises to be an outstanding new series - the Ariel Quigley mysteries. Two talented authors (Honora Finkelstein & Susan Smily) have combined forces to create characters that are truly human - with determination, courage, compassion, intelligence, humor and sorrow. These are people I would love to meet in person and would be proud to call my friends (except for the murderer, of course!). The plot is entertaining and complex but neither too complicated to follow nor too simple to bore. Adding to the entertainment factor are the metaphysical overtones. I am eagerly awaiting the next installment in this series and anticipate getting to know the characters better as they grow and learn more about themselves and their abilities. This is a must read for readers of mysteries in general and cozies in particular. Great work, ladies!

From Amazon by C. Craig, Arlington, VA

Superb! Our compliments to the Chefs! *Burp!*

The Chef Who Died Sauteing is a full course mystery of flavorful characters, police procedurals, human psychology, and psychic phenomenon. The precise placement of clues are all honed as a place setting at a fine eatery, and the subject matter blends a variety of tastes perfectly balanced to keep the diner entertained in exquisite anticipation of the "just desserts". Finkelstein and Smily are your chefs of the evening, and this is one menu that won't have you leaving feeling empty!

I and my family eagerly await the next installments in what surely will prove to be the next must reads on our list the moment they are released! Ariel Quigley and Bernice Wise are characters who have captured the imaginations of my whole family. We are eager to curl up together and explore our love of mystery, ghost stories, and the intricacies of the lives of these two budding detectives.

From Amazon by Christine Knight, Illinois