Psychic sleuth Ariel Quigley is back, and this time she’s dealing with the death of a prominent lawyer, an investment scheme that may be a scam, and the machinations of a black magician. Add to this a budding romance with a hunky cop, a cast of kooky new friends who write naughty limericks, a killer Halloween party, and a ghost that just won’t leave her alone. Then Ariel’s life is threatened…by a force from the Spanish Inquisition!

A Killer Cookbook, Volume #2: Recipes to Accompany The Lawyer Who Died Trying

Because of the popularity of A Killer Cookbook, Volume #1, which was written for fans of all the food described in Ariel’s first adventure into solving mysteries, The Chef Who Died Sautéing, she was invited to help gather recipes for all the food that appears in her second adventure, The Lawyer Who Died Trying, for yet another cookbook.

Oddly, there seems to have been more food in the book about the lawyer than there was in the book about the chef. Go figure!

Try one of these 45 new recipes.
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Ariel Quigley is back and brings with her another strange cast of characters. There are the Loo-Loo girls who take their name from, you guessed it, the Loo. There’s a swindle straight off the front page of today’s newspapers and a custody battle between Ariel’s client, Jessamine, and her ex-husband, who is, you will discover, a bit strange. Throw in the granddaddy of all Halloween parties, food on almost every page, and oh, almost forgot, murders, and you have a mystery that will nail you to the couch until the last Tarot card is read. And, lest you think Finkelstein and Smily left out Ariel’s ghostly companions, they didn’t. They are on Ariel’s shoulder—sometimes helping, sometimes irritating, sometimes . . . ? Read The Lawyer Who Died Trying. You’ll smile, you’ll snack, and you’ll love the woo-woo.

Randy Rawls, author of the Ace Edwards, Dallas PI Series

Ghosts, love, murder, and betrayal...A Lawyer Who Died Trying has it all. This finely crafted and satisfying read will keep all fans of Ariel Quigley eagerly awaiting her next adventure.

Heather Webber, Agatha Award nominee and author of the Nina Quinn series: A Hoe
Lot of Trouble, Digging up Trouble, and Trouble in Bloom

Finkelstein and Smily’s Ariel Quigley is back, and this time we get to know the character even better than we did in her first adventure. And the more we know about Ariel, the more we love her! This second case is even more challenging than the first, but the police procedurals and forensic are handled beautifully, with meticulous attention to detail. And finally, this book is hotter than the first—but then, Alexandria is known as the ‘fun side of the Potomac.’ Anybody who loves Alexandria will love this book.

Amy Bertsch, Public Information Officer, Alexandria Police Department,
Alexandria, VA