face time
WHEN LOOKS CAN KILL! Cameras don't lie. What if the pictures do?
Top TV reporter Charlotte McNally has the scoop: Explosive new evidence in an old murder case could set a convicted woman free. The bad news: Charlie's sleuthing makes her the killer's next target.
Who better to crack this case than Boston's own version of Brenda Starr? Unfortunately, the prime source won't talk, the attorney general is tryng to block the investigation, and the more Charlotte snoops, the more people turn up dead.
An extended visit from her persnickety mother isn't helping, and the incredibly sexy new love of her life may be the picture of perfection, but that includes a close-up  of a prickly pre-teen who's not keen on sharing her daddy with Charlie.
What's a star reporter to do?
If anyone can pull it together, It's Charlie. But she'd better hurry, because someone wants her nose out of their news--for good.
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TV reporter Charlotte "Charlie" McNally has been given a tape proving Dorinda Sweeney, dubbed "Deadly Dorie," could not have killed her husband four years ago because she was nowhere near her home during the killing. Looking for a Nielsen rating victory, Charlie and her producer Franklin set out to prove Dorie's innocence. Problem is that Dorie maintains her guilt and refuses to talk to anyone.

The Attorney General has just announced his candidacy for governor and is applying pressure to Charlie's station to drop the story. He built his career on her conviction and doesn't want to see her go free.

In the meantime, things with Josh are a bit rocky. His eight-year-old daughter refuses to warm up to Charlie. And if that weren't enough, her mother is in the area to recover from some cosmetic work and she's a bit demanding of Charlie's time.

People associated with Dorie's case keep dying. Charlie believes this proves the real killer is still out there. Can Charlie find the killer before they put their sites on Charlie?

I really enjoy this series. Charlie is a fun character. I like the fact that she's a TV investigative reporter and that we get a glimpse into her life. It shows just how much work goes into the various stories we see on TV. Plus I like the various characters she encounters and works with.

I think the author did a great job of creating the setting and characters in this book. The sub-plots were expertly weaved together with the main plot and never took over. It is a quick read but yet has a good mystery to keep the reader engaged. I highly recommend this book and series.

Dawn Dowdle

Face Time is a superior sexy mystery infused wth an insider's knowledge of  the wild TV news industry, and, at its heart, a rich, well-developed protagnoist we can cheer for. Hank Phillippi Ryan is an exciting voice for smart women who are tired of silly chick lit fare and are ready for some real, kick-ass romance and inteligent plot. I loved it!

Sarah Strohmeyer, nationally best selling author

Face Time is a gripping, fast-paced thriller with an important story line and an engaging and unsual heroine. A vivid behind the scenes look at television news, and characters we hope to see again.

Sara Paretsky, best-selling author

Family secret, murder, legal shenanigans and evening news power plays--all dished up with Hank Phillippi Ryan's pitch-perfect wry humor and behind the scenes accuracy. Face Time is a winner!

Christina Skye, best-selling author