Trouble In Spades
Landscaping is Nina Quinn's business, but trouble seems to be her middle name. Saddled with a recently expelled, faithless local-cop husband, a teenaged terror of a stepson, and the yappiest, most unhousebreakable Chihuahua in captivity, Nina needs a respite--and the backyard makeover she's undertaking for her sister Maria and Nate, Maria's fiancÚ, may do the trick.

But, of course, Nate vanishes mysteriously, and Nina's gardening magic inadvertently turns up a corpse. And with a thief on the prowl who's preying on the neighborhood elderly, a suspicious Pandora's Box of a package arriving on her doorstep, and yet another body inconveniently turning up, Nina's going to have to dig into her community's dirtiest little secrets to regain her peace and sanity--if she can manage to stay alive long enough to enjoy it.
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Nina Quinn is doing a backyard makeover for her sister Maria as a wedding gift. But when the groom, Nate, goes missing, Nina isn’t sure what to think. Should she continue doing the makeover? Will the groom’s father still pay? Where is Nate and why can’t Maria contact him?

When a corpse is discovered, things go from bad to worse. Is Nate in trouble? Is Maria in trouble? Can Nina help her sister find Nate and discover what is going on?

Plus, there’s a thief on the prowl in Nina’s neighborhood preying on the elderly. And her stepson is not coming home until very late at night.

Can Nina unravel all these mysteries without putting herself in danger?

I really like this series. Nina is such a fun character. She’s very down to earth and believable. The people she employs are fun, and her family really adds to the story. Then there are her neighbors. What a hoot!

I can’t wait to read the next one! I highly recommend this book!

Dawn Dowdle