HOW TO MARRY A GHOST is the second book in the series featuring neurotic recluse and ghostwriter Lee Bartholomew.  Leaving the safety of her Notting Hill home, Lee travels to The Hamptons at the end of Long Island, New York to attend the 'commitment ceremony' on the beach that will affirm the partnership of her mother and an American billionaire.  But she's also there for an even more important gig--an interview with former rock star Shotgun Marriott to write his story.  And then, on the same beach where her mother's ceremony takes place, the body of a man wearing a wedding dress is washed up and it turns out to be Shotgun Marriott's estranged son.
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Ghost writer Lee Bartholomew is on Long Island, NY, to attend the commitment ceremony between her mother and American billionaire Phil "Phillionaire" Abernathy. They can't get married because her mother is still married to her father.

While there, Lee plans to interview secluded rock star legend Shotgun Marriot. Unfortunately her ghostwriting rival Bettina Pleshette had the same idea. Marriot's son washes up on shore during the ceremony wearing a wedding dress. He's been murdered. Soon after, Bettina is also found murdered.

Marriot is one of the prime suspects. As Lee begins interviewing Marriot, she also begins investigating who could have killed both of these people. She doesn't believe Marriot is guilty. Can she uncover the truth without putting herself in grave danger?

This is the first in this series that I have read. I really enjoyed Lee. I also enjoyed the Long Island residents she interacted with. I would love to see them in future books.

I thought the author did a great job of creating a believable scenario and helping us uncover the clues along with the protagonist. The author's humor made this cozy mystery an enjoyable read. I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle

This funny, complicated, and wise mystery is sure to gain the author new fans.

Publishers Weekly

Lee Bartholomew's real intelligence and curiosity serve her well in solving thisfinely crafted mystery.

Library Journal