Welcome to the world of Charlie Ford. A girl from Bend, Oregon, who grew up under the shadow of her perfect brothers--always fighting for attention from her father--pretending she wasn't a girl--rebelling in every way...even right into the ARMY!

Now she's a nanny for a world famous action hero. On a seemingly normal plane ride to Kenya with the actor's teenager daughter, Charlie's life is turned upside down.

There she meets Secret Agent Man and her life will never be normal again. The stakes are high. The humor is contagious. The action is non-stop. High octane fun with a capital F!
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Charlie Ford is a nanny. After she is fired from one job, she gets a job caring for Annabelle, the twelve-year-old daughter of one of Hollywood’s top action heroes.

She soon finds out her summer will be spent in Africa taking care of Annabelle. Charlie is not excited about the prospects of her summer with a spoiled brat, let along huge bugs and lots of dirt.

On their way, their plane is high jacked. Charlie discovers she not only screams like a girl, but she also passes out a lot.

The Secret Agent man appears to help them, and soon her life is turned upside down in the jungle with many villains. Doesn’t hurt that the Secret Agent man is a very handsome spy.

This book was fabulous! Lots of action to keep me turning pages. Was really hard to put down. Charlie is such an amazing character. She was very different than I anticipated. Her interactions with Annabelle and the Secret Agent man were great! The Africa jungle was a great backdrop as well.

I highly, highly recommend this book! Hope there will be more books with Charlie and the Secret Agent man.

Dawn Dowdle