Jill 9 is a fun, entertaining suspense novel full of twists and turns. There is romance, drama, some humor and a great plot that will keep you turning the pages. You will not want to put it down, so get the housework done. Throw a chicken in the oven and curl up in your comfy chair. The characters are wonderful and hard to forget. It's a great read and lots of fun!
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There’s a serial killer loose and FBI Agent Ian Hamlin is determined to stop him. He feels responsible for letting down the 4th Jill that was killed and vows to not let that happen again. As the killing moves around the country, Ian and his partner Will follow his path.

Then Ian discovers a Jill in another part of the country that he recognizes from his past as well as is concerned for her safety. Since no one has been notified about there being a serial killer loose, Jill is totally unaware. She begins to receive strange gifts and calls, but thinks they are just stalkers. She is the first weathergirl in Vancouver and knows stalkers come with the territory.

She soon starts dating Elias, but she isn’t too sure what her feelings are for him. She keeps him at a distance as long as possible.

Ian finally gets permission to protect Jill and that sets off sparks of its own. Can Ian keep her safe without getting personally involved? Can Jill decide about Elias?

This book not only is a great suspense, it has a wonderful love triangle in it. I do want to caution that there is quite a bit of sex in this book. Normally, I don’t like that. It was so integral to the story in this book, that it added to the story. I found this book so hard to put down. I read it in 1 day! I just had to find out who did it and which man Jill would pick.

I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle