who killed walter dobbs?
by J. D. Tynan
For Angie Harrington, the only thing more terrifying than being accused of murder is possibly finding ‘The One’ when her heart’s not quite ready to trust again.

One hilarious mishap after another leads the ever-so-angry Angie straight into the crosshairs of Portland Police Officer, Scot King.

Her best friend, Lily, is hell-bent on marrying her off to the highest bidder, but Angie’s got it in her head that ‘Celibacy Rocks.” Add in the fact that a dozen neighbors witnessed Angie threatening the life of Walter Dobbs, who just happens to end up with her garden shovel embedded in his thorax and you have a zany, heartwarming tale of first degree murder.
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Since Angie Harrington was recently heard by her neighbors to threaten neighbor Walter Dobbs and her garden shovel was found in her thorax, she is the prime suspect in his murder. So she sets out to figure out who the real killer is 'cause she knows she didn't do it.

She thinks she may have found "the one" for her, but she isn't ready to trust again. Plus she has a hilarious mishap with Portland Police Officer Scott King. And her best friend Lily is determined to marry her off.

Angie keeps chanting "Celibacy Rocks," but she begins to doubt its truth.

Can Angie find the killer and open up her heart for love at the same time?

I really enjoyed this book. It's a fast reading cozy mystery. I highly recommend it. Angie is a lot of fun. The author writes with a great sense of humor and does a great job of plotting the mystery.

I hope there will be more adventures with Angie.

Dawn Dowdle